Weigh In And Calorie Report Week #15

Food and Exercise Calories for week of March 12 - 18, 2013.

Food and Exercise Calories for week of March 12 – 18, 2013.


It wasn’t my best week. I believed that once I hit the ‘normal weight’ range (in terms of the BMI) that it would become instantly (and magically) easy to keep the weight off and control my eating. I thought it would become effortless. But, for some reason, it wasn’t that way this week. I still have trouble reacting to everyday stress and can feel the old habits creeping their way back into my routine. It is so easy to fall back into those old habits when I relax my effort.

While I was losing the weight, it was ‘relatively’ easy to stay focused and motivated to control my eating because the realization of the goal was still in the future and I still needed to work at it. Reaching a weight loss goal doesn’t mean that the effort can relax and I can go back to the way things were. I need to remember that and keep the weight loss and calorie counting effort focused and strong to maintain the weight loss.

Over the weekend, I was out-of-control in my eating on several occasions. On Friday night, I ate too much ice cream. On Saturday I ate too much pop corn. Not that it’s bad to eat ice cream and pop corn, it’s just that I couldn’t control my portions and ate way too much.

My high day was Sunday 3/17 with 2,320 calories. On that day, we helped move furniture across town. We rented a U-Haul truck and spent about 5 hours loading and unloading and driving and rearranging furniture. It was a cold and dingy day too. When the task was done we went out to lunch at this restaurant and (of course) I had some beer, which lead to all sorts of food consumption. I didn’t exercise that day so there were no exercise calories to offset the food calories. It wasn’t my best day.

The low calorie day was on Monday, 3/18 with 805 calories. I intentionally tried to balance out the previous day by keeping the calories low. As a bonus, I ran 6.2 miles and burned a few extra calories.

My daily average for the week was 1,602 calories. This is way too high. My goal is to keep the daily calories at 1,200 but I can’t seem to manage that every week. In fact, of the 15 weeks that I’ve counted calories I’ve only been able to keep the daily average between 1,200 – 1,300 on three separate weeks. And, there was only one week where the daily average was below 1,200 … and that was the very first week!

My exercise calories totaled 4,041. This is almost the same as last week. I ran 28.73 miles on the road and treadmill and 6.26 miles on the elliptical. I will reach my 80 mile running goal for March but I need to spend more time on the elliptical to reach the 27.5 mile goal.

Still, thankfully, I can report a small weight loss this week of 0.3 pounds. And thankfully, in spite of my indulgences this week, I am still in the normal weight range. This makes it two weeks in a row that I’ve been a normal weight. Something that hasn’t happened in the last 10 years!

I hope and pray that everyone has a great week with their own calorie counting and weight loss efforts!

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Weigh In & Calorie Report … Week 14

Food and Exercise calories for the week of March 3 - 11, 2013.

Food and Exercise calories for the week of March 3 – 11, 2013.


It is hard to believe another week has gone by. For the week of March 5 – 11, I ate a total of 9,945 calories. My average weekly calorie consumption is 9,770, so this week is slightly higher. My daily average for the week was 1,420, which is about my typical. Although I would like for my daily average to be about 1,200, it doesn’t seem likely that I can consistently come up with that number in ‘real life’.

The high day was Saturday with 2,360 calories. It was a strange day for me. After I recovered from my 12 mile run and the dehydration that followed, I couldn’t stop eating and we had a late night pizza and bread stick dinner. The low day came on Tuesday, 3/5 with 781 calories.

I did struggle with the boxes of Longs Donuts that showed up at the house. Longs Bakery is an Indianapolis landmark and my wife and daughter are huge fans.  Customers can expect to wait in line for 20+ minutes on a Saturday or Sunday morning to buy boxes of all sorts and varieties of donuts. Sometimes the line winds outside the building. Longs Bakery has been around for a ‘long’ time. I remember waiting in the Longs Bakery line when I was a kid. As an adult, it is hard to resist a Long’s donut and since my wife and daughter went there several times this week, I had a few donuts. Of course, I counted the calories but wish I would have resisted and saved the calories for something else.

On the exercise front, I burned 4,150 calories. I ran a total of 28.82 miles on the road and treadmill. I spent some time on the elliptical for 5.72 miles. This week was my highest week in exercise calories burned!

Thankfully, I’m able to report a small weight loss of 0.8 pounds! At 154.2 pounds, my BMI is 24.9, which is ( … drum roll … ) a normal weight! Finally, for the first time in over ten years I am not overweight. But, the sobering news is that I’m at the high-end of the normal weight range for my BMI. So there is still some work to do before I can feel ‘safe’. I would like to get down to 150 pounds.

I hope that everyone has a great week!

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Lately, I’m running more miles on the road instead of the treadmill and it is hard to track the actual miles. On the treadmill, it is easy … just look at the display. However, on the road it can be difficult. I don’t usually run a ‘known’ route with mile markers. Sometimes I do but I usually like to make up a route as I go along.

Since I don’t have a GPS to track actual miles I estimate the miles by the time. Since my average pace is 10 minutes per mile, I figure a 31 minute time equals 3.1 miles. I know it’s not very accurate as I can be over or under the actual mileage if I run faster or slower.

I like to keep track of my running time and distance so I need to find a way to accurately track my road miles. In the distant past, I had several routes where I knew the exact mileage and ran those exclusively and I keep records in paper notebooks. But in this digital age, keeping track is easy with a GPS. And since my running and weight loss effort has seem to taken hold, I’ve been looking for a new GPS.

I casually mentioned to my wife that I was on the lookout to buy a new Garmin. I told her that I wanted to keep track on my road miles since I was spending more time on the road rather than on the treadmill.

She suggested that I look into the Nike+ chip. She is a Nike fan and wears those shoes almost exclusively. I knew about chip but never really considered it as a viable option for me because I don’t wear Nike shoes. She mentioned that you didn’t need Nike shoes but just the chip and the iPhone app.

Nike+ Chip

Nike+ Chip

Then she said that she had one if I wanted to use it.


Yes. She said that the chip was ‘thrown in’ when she bought that pair of shoes a while ago.

She dug out an old pair of her Nike shoes and embedded in the insole was this small red and white chip. She tossed it to me and said to give it a try.

How cool! I found a small shoe pouch that I could slip the chip into and tie to my running shoe. I downloaded the app and was out the door to give it a try.

Screen shot of the Nike+ running app and the route display.

Screen shot of the Nike+ running app and the route display.

And it was very cool. Way-more-cool than my old Garmin Forerunner 205. The app tracks your distance and as you complete a mile it gives you a voice prompt of the distance and pace. When the run is finished, it shows your route on a google map, even indicating the areas where you were running faster or slower. It shows the mile splits indicating if that mile is slower or faster than the previous one.

My wife said that I will need to buy my own chip when she starts her running program. I was shocked when I discovered that a Nike+ chip is only $20! And the iPhone app is free.

So cool!

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Water … Water … Water

Saturday morning (3/9) was a crisp morning with an air temperature of 30°F in central Indiana. Saturday mornings are my designated ‘long run’ day. On this day, my original intent was to show up at the Ortho Indy 10K and register on site and run with the other 1,000 runners. But, I didn’t leave the house in time to make the drive to downtown Indianapolis and register. Instead, I opted to drive to Freedom Park in Greenwood, Indiana and run on the fitness trails throughout the park system.

Greenwood promotes itself as a ‘fitness’ town and is doing a great job of providing paved fitness trails for all the running, walking and cycling enthusiasts. Freedom Park will eventually become the highlight of park system. Currently, the park has a 1.5 mile paved fitness loop but soon that loop will connect with the 10+ miles of the existing trail system.

So, I park my car at Freedom park and started running on the trail thinking I would do a couple of loops and maybe connect with the Craig park trail for a total of 10 miles. However, once everything was done and I ran the ‘big’ loop around the town, I put in 12 miles with an average pace of 9:48 per mile.

Wow! I have not run that far in years. This run reminded me of the times I trained for the Indianapolis Mini Marathons, where I would spend hours on a Saturday morning just running and running. It was great! The freedom of running, listening to music, thinking about life and reality and the past and the future … it was a great morning. And, best of all, those 12 miles burned up 1,394 calories!

However, once I finished the 12 miles, I felt a strange nausea and indigestion and weakness coming on. Although it was hardly noticeable when I drove back home, it intensified later that morning and I battled it for the rest of the day. I felt fine before and during the run but afterwards I felt weak and ill.

Since I just ran further than I have run in years I thought I just needed to rest for a while and recover and everything would be ok. I thought maybe I had bitten off more than I should have and ran way too far for this 50-year-old overweight man. However, I had obligations later in the morning and afternoon so I just couldn’t lay on the couch and watch tv. Soon I was on my feet and working (helping with a remodeling job) but feeling nauseated and weak at the same time.

Later in the day it was suggested that the nausea and weakness I was feeling was because I was dehydrated, maybe even extremely dehydrated and needed to drink some water. That made sense. So, I drank some water, lots of water in the following hours and eventually, by early evening, I was feeling much better.

Duh! Why didn’t I come to that conclusion? Why didn’t I make that connection? I’ve run enough miles in my lifetime to know that you need to drink water after a run. I really thought I had enough water and something else was going on. I associated my lack of thirst for being ‘ok’ and never considered drinking water to prevent dehydration.

I never felt like that after running. Even the long runs of the past, even in the heat of summer, I never felt dehydrated. Maybe I’ve never been dehydrated before or maybe I have but never recognized the symptoms. I never expected to be dehydrated on a cool, bright and sunny Saturday morning. I was never thirsty during my run. I never really pushed myself. It was an easy long run. After the run I drank some water but never felt the thirst I would have associated with dehydration.

Later in the evening, after drinking plenty of water, thankfully, I was feeling normal and looking forward to my next run.

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Weigh In and Calorie Report … Week 13

Food and Exercise Calories for the week of February 26 - March 4.

Food and Exercise Calories for the week of February 26 – March 4.


This was not my best week for calorie counting. My total calories for the week was 11,224 calories. This is my second highest in the 13 weeks since I started counting again. The high day was Saturday 3/2 with a horrible 2,620 calories, which is my absolute highest day to date. Beer, chips and donuts found their way onto my table and into my mouth and I offered no resistance. The low day was Tuesday, 3/4 at 970 calories.

My daily average was 1,603 calories. This is almost 300 calories up from last week.

Strange as this seems, my highest food calorie day to date was also my highest exercise calories day to date. On that day I ran 10 miles and burned 1,186 calories. Even though my net calories for that day was 1,434, I was still out of control with my eating and drinking. I can’t explain why I was out of control with my eating and drinking but I could feel the old habits creeping back. So very strange how I could have a great day running and yet have a horrible day eating.

No doubt the obvious advice is that I need to cut these high calorie days if I am ever going to see my weight goal.

On the exercise front, this was a great week. I ran 29.73 miles and burned 3,446 calories. While this is my highest weekly miles to date, it is not my highest calories burned as I skipped two days this week. This mileage number approaches the my weekly average when I was in ‘serious’ training back in 2004. I hope I can keep this number in the weeks to come. I didn’t climb onto the elliptical at all this week but kept on the treadmill and road. I put 16.02 miles on the road and 13.53 miles on the treadmill. Since I am putting more miles on the road I am starting to think about buying a Garmin Forerunner or one of those Nike chips. I gauge my road miles on the my time, believing that I run 10 minute miles and if I run for 100 minutes then I ran 10 miles. But, I knew that I could be over or under the actual miles. A GPS tracking device can track the actual miles. I once had a Forerunner 205. However, In 2009 I inadvertently left it on the hood of my car and drove off forgetting it was there. When I got to the park for my run I realized what I had done. The Forerunner 205 was gone. Geez. I really miss that little gadget.

Even with this bad week I’m still working on ‘keeping on’. A bad week is just that, a bad week. Thankfully, I’m starting to see that I’ve had more success with this weight loss and calorie counting effort and a bad week is just a chuck hole in the road. I’m not giving up. In the past, a week like this would have derailed my effort and I would have quickly given up.

Even though it was a bad calorie counting week, I am thankful that I still lost some weight. Go figure! I have a bad week eating and drinking stuff that shouldn’t be on anyone’s acceptable food list and I lose weight. I can’t understand it and realize this is an anomaly. When I saw the number this morning I was shocked as I expected a gain. Even with the weight loss, I’m not happy with my adventure into uncontrolled eating as this weight loss effort is really about controlling what I eat. Even with this weight loss, my BMI is 25.0. I’m still in the overweight category so there is some more work to be done.

I hope that everyone has a great week on their own weight loss efforts.

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What To Do In The Month Of March

To recap the month of February … I set three goals:

  • The first was to run 40 miles. I blew past that goal and ran over 80 miles. I purposely set the goal at 40 miles because at the time I had that annoying and nagging hip issue. I thought 40 miles was reasonable and even somewhat extended in light of the hip thing. Thankfully, the new pair of running shoes I bought at the first of the month wiped away the hip issue and I haven’t looked back.
  • The second was to put in 27.5 miles on the Elliptical. And, I achieved it. On average, I spent about 45 minutes on the elliptical per session to achieve this goal. The elliptical is so different from running and it’s seems somewhat harder at times.
  • The third was to commit and participate in a sponsored running event. I completed the 5 mile Polar Bear Run on 2/23. It was a great race and a good time for me.

I had a vague goal of losing 4 pounds for the month. But since weight loss is not an exact science, I stayed conservative with one pound per week. My weight was 161.8 on 1/31 and my last weigh in for the month was 157.0. That is a 4.8 pound lost! Yay!

So what do I do for March?

Of course, I will continue to run. I am going to aim for 80 miles. If I run everyday, that is only 2.58 miles a day. Most likely I won’t run everyday but 80 miles is a good target to aim for.

I believe the elliptical is a good cross trainer for me so I will set again the 27.5 miles as a goal.

And, I want to participate in a sponsored running event. I already have one in mind … the D.IN.O (Do Indiana Outdoors) trail run at Mounds State Park. They offer a 5K and a 15K. The event is on March 30 and I’m thinking of the 15K. There are other races in the local area that I may, impulsively, register for on the day of the event. But, as long as I do one race, I’ll be happy.

And, of course, there is the scale. I would like to see anything below 154.9 anytime during the month. I know that at this moment I’m not too far from that number but experience has proven to me that weight gain and loss is fickle and I’ll probably see a gain or two during the month. Would be nice to lose swiftly and steadily each week but I know that is the exception and not the rule for me.

Well, that is my goals for March. When I have something to work for and strive for, the month always seems to go better. It keeps the depression at bay and gives me something to look forward to and to gauge my current progress against.

I hope that everyone has a great month of March!

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Weigh In and Calorie Report Week 12

Food and Exercise Calories for the Week of February 19 - 25, 2013.

Food and Exercise Calories for the Week of February 19 – 25, 2013.


At least this week was much better as I was able to keep the calories in check and lose some weight. Unlike the prior week, where the high calorie day came in at 2,448, this week’s high calorie day was only 1,632. It was a Friday and there was pizza on the table, of which I only had two slices and a small salad. The low calorie day came on Tuesday, 2/19 at 500 calories. Believe it or not, that is the true value. For some reason, I wasn’t hungry. I did have a huge can of green beans for dinner and a two fiber one bars for lunch. My per day average came in at 1,270 calories. So, I was finally able to keep my eating in control for a week.

My exercise calories were average at 3,545. I ran 22.26 miles on the road and treadmill and 7.57 miles on the Elliptical. On Saturday, 2/23, my exercise calories came in at 1,090 as I ran 9 miles on that day (5 miles at the Polar Bear Run and 4 miles at Eagle Creek Park)! That is a recent record for me. I made my Elliptical goal for the month at 27.61 miles. The goal was 27.5 miles.

Thankfully, my motivation is still strong. But there is still some work to be done. My BMI is 25.3, which is still in the overweight category. Weighing in at 157 is a new recent low for me as I can’t recall the last time I weighed 157. I believe it was back in 2003 or 2004 while on Weight Watchers. I recently discovered a box of old photos from that time and couldn’t believe how I looked back then. But, to humble my pride, I came across a photo of myself from 2010 (just three years ago) where I weighed over 195 pounds. I looked like a bloated whale. So, I’m not quite where I would like to be but looking forward to working hard to get there!

I wish everyone the very best for this week!

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